About Chloe

Pilates has played and still does play a huge part in maintaining my body strength.  In the past I have loved playing all sports, from tennis, hockey, swimming and running and all of them I have loved and all of them I have done a lot of!  However, it took it’s toll and whilst training for my 3rd marathon I developed serious knee injuries. At the peak of which I was unable to walk across the living room without acute pain.   It was then that I began my journey with Pilates - in a small London studio.  Through tiny and very precise movement patterns I began to retrain the way my body moved.  Bringing me back to a full range of movement and a pain free life.  

After three pregnancies and my 3rd weighing in at 10bls 4oz, I know I would have struggled without Pilates in my body!   I feel stronger and more together in my body than ever.  

I love the way Pilates can be for anyone.  I love the way whilst practicing Pilates, there is no room in our brains to think about any other aspect of our busy lives.  Each class is an hour for you and you only!  

It’s a full mind, body work out 😊


Body Control Pilates: 

Matwork Certified  - Level 3 REPS Qualified 




Pilates in Pregnancy Ante and Postnatal

Pilates on the Ball

Small Ball and Toning Circle 

Pilates with the Band

Pilates with the Foam Roller

Pilates for Bone Health (Osteoporosis)

Lisa B Pilates – Academy for Teachers

HIP Pilates Matwork Foundation

Reformer – Introduction Course

Breath Control and Maximising Movement patterns.