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About Chloe

Pilates has played and still does play a huge part in maintaining my body strength.  In the past I have loved playing all sports to high levels, however this has taken it's toll on my body!  Whilst training for my 3rd marathon I developed acute knee injuries. At the peak of which I was unable to walk across the living room without tremendous pain.   It was then that I began my Pilates journey - in a small, fantastic London studio.  Through precise movement patterns I began to retrain the way I moved.  Bringing me back to a full range of movement and a pain free life.  My strength improved in the right areas and I've never looked back:) 

I have three children and and can associate well with the changes our bodies go through during pregnancy.  I would have struggled without Pilates in my body!   I feel stronger and more connected in my body than ever.  

Pilates is so inclusive to all.   It's been particularly exciting for me to have seen a huge rise in men coming to Pilates and realising just what a positive impact it can have on their bodies - allowing them to continue being as active as they want to be.  


 What ever your background, age, gender, size - I really believe we can all gain from it...just give it a whirl! 


Pilates is both a physical and mental form of exercise and that, I love!   

It’s a full mind, body work out 😊


Body Control Pilates: 

Matwork Certified  - Level 3 REPS Qualified 




Pilates in Pregnancy Ante and Postnatal

Pilates on the Ball

Small Ball and Toning Circle 

Pilates with the Band

Pilates with the Foam Roller

Pilates for Bone Health (Osteoporosis)

Lisa B Pilates – Academy for Teachers

HIP Pilates Matwork Foundation

Reformer – Introduction Course

Refomer - Classical Advanced Course

Breath Control and Maximising Movement patterns. 

HIPP Reformer   

Complete Chair Course 

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