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Monday - Chrishall Village Hall

9.30am: Level 1 / 2 Pilates
10.35am: Level 2 / 3 Pilates

Wednesday – Duxford Community Centre and Barley Town House 

Duxford Community Centre

9.30am: Level 1 / 2 Pilates
10.35am: Level 2/3 Pilates

Barley Town House 

7pm:  Level 2 Pilates

8pm: Level 3 Pilates 

Thursday – Thriplow Village Hall

9.10am:  HIPP




8am: HIPP (ZOOM) 50 mins

 Weekend Energy Rush!!

A brilliant class to set your weekend up in the best possible way.  You will tone using weights whilst squatting, lunging and planking!  Your body will strengthern and change the more your commit! Come and try it out for yourself - don't just take my word for it! 

Reformer:  Group and Private Sessions

An hour on the reformer.  The reformer is the most beautiful piece of equipment - which without a doubt gets results.  Move your body in a way it's never been worked before and get those results you've always wanted.  Whether for rehab or fitness reasons...come and treat yourself to an hr on the reformer - you'll love it! 


Within my studio there are 4 reformers.  So whether you are after a private lesson or a small group environment, there is something for everyone.  Attention to your form and progression is so important and with our small class sizes, this can be achieved at the same time as having fun with others!

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