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Pilates Voucher

Whether it be for yourself or for someone you care for deeply.  Treat them to a private reformer session with me at Chloe Jenkin Pilates. For one hour we focus on only you, your body and whilst you are doing that, your mind is souly committed to you too! 

What is a reformer? 

The reformer was invented by Joseph Pilates.  It is a bed-like frame which strapes and springs which aid resistance and assistance whilst performing the exercises. 

The reformer will assist an individual to achieve their goals.

Is the reformer for you? 

The reformer is a fantastic piece of equipment. Whether you are seeking rehab from an injury, perhaps using it as a body conditioning session as part of an elite sports program or perhaps wanting to enhance your Pilates journey achieve your personal fitness goal.  All exercises can be modified an

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