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Level 1 – Beginner level.  Aimed at those who have not practiced Pilates before or who are recovering from injury which requires them to take the exercises at a more basic level.  Through out the classes, we introduce the principles of Pilates and emphasis them to gain best practice.  



Level 2 – Improver level.  These classes are aimed towards those who have previously practiced Pilates or have a good body awareness, perhaps through taking part in various sports.  The exercises flow from one to the other. 


Level 3 – Intermediate / Advanced.  Dynamic, flowing classes aimed at those who are body aware and are well acquainted with Pilates movement.  

HIP Pilates is a more dynamic form of Pilates which combines the precision and focus of a traditional Pilates session with the dynamic energy of a high intensity workout. 

Combining core strength, with flow and balance at the same ensuring a cardiovascular element this class is the ticket for those of us wanting to step our workout up, whilst maintaining correct precision of movement. 

All you need is a thin grippy mat, a lightweight pair of hand held weights and a bottle of water!  

Be prepared to sweat!


You will leave all my classes feeling uplifted, well worked, whatever your level.  Through each class you’ll work through a series of planes of movement, from head to toe, engaging your deepest abdominals and feeling completely connected within your body.  Learning how breath facilitates the best form of movement.   The BEST feeling ever!! 

Private Sessions

Private sessions are a fantastic way to target your personal goals. Come to my home studio and workout on my beautiful, Balanced Body reformer, Pilates chair and more.  Once you try it, you might just get the bug...! 

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